High Quality Fencing in West Wickham

Fab Fencing provides a high level of workmanship across all services they offer to customers in West Wickham. Whether it’s fencing, landscaping, decking or garden buildings, we take great pride in our ability to produce.

Here we run through some of our more popular fences.

Secure and Long Lasting Installations

Bespoke Fencing - We supply many types of fencing to suit every kind of use – from traditional panels to agricultural ranch fencing, from trellis to picket fencing. Our aim is to be able to give exactly what the West Wickham customer wants. Fab Fencing also offers a whole host of fencing posts that will keep the panels in place and are built to last.

Traditional Fencing – Traditional fencing panels are a great addition to any garden or outdoor space in West Wickham. They provide a high level of security and privacy. There are many styles of fencing panels available so the choice is down to you. If you have any garden buildings, we will try to match the fencing style and colour with your shed.

Trellis Fencing – Our trellis fencing can be used as a complete panel or be added to traditional fencing panels for your West Wickham property. As part of landscaping projects, we are able to install easily and produce an eye-catching attachment that will encourage hanging plants and creepers to latch on to.

Continental Fencing – Continental fencing is a very attractive addition to any West Wickham home. They’re a popular choice to match any decking you may have or would like us to install. We can revamp your garden at a very competitive price and if you add our garden buildings; you’ll be the envy of your neighbourhood.

Ranch Fencing – Ranch fencing is a sturdy and durable installation and is popular amongst home and landowners in West Wickham looking to cover a large area at affordable rates. We often recommend this type of fencing when carrying out landscaping in the area.

Close Board Fencing – Similar to traditional fencing with its secure and private qualities. It also protects plants from the highest of winds. We can paint the panels to a colour that suits you. Our close board fencing will compliment all garden buildings and decking in the West Wickham home.

We have a wide range of fencing posts to choose from to keep the fencing in place and all of our products are fully guaranteed.

For more information on any of our fencing products in West Wickham, please contact us by email or by phoning 07789 897487 today.

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