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In Kent or Surrey and looking to establish an outdoor space that’s useable all year round? Our hard landscaping team constructs high quality decking that integrates perfectly within your wider garden. We use a range of decking products made from different materials, ensuring we can cater to all tastes, requirements and budgets. Our approach is distinctly bespoke, and your inspiration and ideas will be incorporated during the design phase; so if you’ve seen decking you love online, on TV or in magazines – we’d love to hear about it.

Some of the decks we’ve built for clients in our principal service areas of Croydon, Selsdon, Warlingham and West Wickham can be seen by clicking this link. If you’re still unsure whether decking is the right choice for your residential or commercial property, we urge you read on. Below, we’ve run over just a few of the reasons why home and commercial property owners choose to invest in it.

Why Invest in Decking?

Aesthetic - Natural wooden decking has timeless aesthetic appeal. It adds an elegant, warm and inviting space to outdoor environments, whether serving as a genuine centrepiece, or complimenting existing central features.

Maintenance - Another big draw our Croydon, Selsdon, Warlingham and West Wickham clients cite is the low level of maintenance that decking requires to keep in good shape. Simply use the vacuum or mop from time to time, and twice a year polish the wood with a UV inhibitor. This safeguards against bacterial growth and protects your deck.

Durability - Both softwood and hardwood decking is known for being hardwearing. It’s designed to be used, and take high amounts of foot traffic. This makes it ideal for entertaining guests, outdoor meals and drinks with the family or co-workers, or whatever other end purpose you can think of!

Versatility - As the decking we design for clients in Croydon, Selsdon, Warlingham and West Wickham is bespoke, it can be made to fit round whatever area you require. While many find it ideal for transitioning between the interior space of a property and an outdoor space, you could indeed place it round water features or under pergolas.

Types of Decking to Choose From…

Softwood - Softwood is the more affordable choice, with spruce and pine both fantastic options. Both need to be treated with a wood preservative, and should they be damaged, carefully checked for cuts that could open them up to intrusion from moisture. Cedar is also a great option, due to its natural weather resistance.

Hardwood - Hardwood is becoming increasingly popular throughout our principal service areas of Croydon, Selsdon, Warlingham and West Wickham. Oak, teak, birch, elm, maple and cherry all have their own unique looks, but share two characteristics: strength and durability. When well maintained, hardwood decking can last upward of 25 years. They’re fantastic hard landscaping features and long-term investments you can enjoy today.

To discuss a decking project you have in mind with the Croydon, Warlingham and West Wickham’s favoured installer, call Fab Fencing on 0208 657 6329.

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