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We construct sheds and similar garden buildings, such as arbours, arches, carports, pergolas, playhouses and gazebos. Fab Fencing handles everything from the initial designs, to the ground works and subsequent construction, entirely in house. We’ll ensure the garden buildings you’re investing in are tailored to your needs, whether this means maximising storage space, or creating a fun, safe environment for children to play in.

A licenced waste carrier, we ensure residents of Croydon, Selsdon, Warlingham, West Wickham and our wider area of coverage (the South East at large) aren’t burdened with a messy site or the need to hire a second waste management company once the work’s finished. This goes for whether you’re investing in decking, fencing or the new garden buildings detailed on this page.

Types of Garden Buildings

Sheds – Once upon a time, sheds were garden buildings exclusively used for storage – usually garden tools. But nowadays, residents of Croydon, Selsdon, Warlingham and West Wickham use sheds for all sorts of purposes: gyms, home offices and studios are all fairly common. Alongside the functional benefit of having a new furnished space or storage to see as you see fit, sheds can be stylish features that help elevate your garden’s aesthetic.

Arbours – Create an eye-catching, shady space to relax and unwind under with a Fab Fencing arbour. Trees or plants can be incorporated so they grow over a framework and create a look that melds the manmade, with the natural.

Pergolas – Similar to an arbour but typically larger, and sometimes attached to a home. They can feature columns, and a solid roof which keeps the elements at bay. Consider an outdoor dining or cooking area underneath, for year-round entertainment.

Playhouses – Have young children who love to play in the garden? Why not tailor a special outbuilding that helps them make the most of these special and memorable times! It can have a particular theme, matching your children’s interests.

Gazebo – One of the most iconic garden buildings regularly found on both private and public properties around Croydon, Selsdon, Warlingham and West Wickham, gazebos typically feature a hexagonal or octagonal roof. They’re freestanding and open structures that often contain seating. Perfect garden centrepieces, they can help larger outdoor spaces feel less empty.

Carports – Looking to protect vehicles from rain, snow and hail? Carports are an ideal option, especially if you already have a garage that is full to the brim, or want a garage but don’t have the space or budget for a full development project.

Arches – Decorative arches, much like our decorative fences, help frame your garden and add some stylistic flair. These garden buildings can be placed over paths, leading to particular areas which you really wish to make an impression with.

To ideas for new garden buildings, which can totally revolutionise your outdoor space, call Fab Fencing on 07789 897 487. We cover Croydon, Selsdon and all surrounding areas.

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