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Fencing designers in Selsdon

Welcome to the website of Fab Fencing Ltd, the reliable fencing specialists. Michael Armstrong and his professional team are the trusted choice for quality fencing in Selsdon and the surrounding county of Surrey. With more than twenty years of timber and building material experience, we understand everything there is to know about our marketplace.

Hard Landscaper in Selsdon

Fab Fencing Ltd, your friendly hard landscaper in Selsdon, supply all types of hard landscaping including sandstone paving, concrete paving and brick walls. Our work extends to all domestic and commercial properties and we pride ourselves on delivering professional workmanship, unrivalled privacy and total security.

Garden Sheds Specialist in Selsdon

At Fab Fencing Ltd, we specialise in the design, creation and building of permanent garden features. Our team erects garden sheds in Selsdon and because we undertake every aspect of each project in-house, we never need to hire external contractors to carry out excavation, groundwork or shed base construction on our behalf. – bespoke sheds available on request

Excellent Decking in Selsdon

Define your garden space and have your own relaxing area to share with the family or socialise with friends by choosing Fab Fencing Ltd for the installation of decking in Selsdon. We supply and install softwood or hardwood decking at competitive independent rates. After each project, we remove accumulated waste and dispose of it legally and responsibly.

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